Spiritual Friday …


This couldn’t be more true + speaks to where I’m at right now.

I have alluded to struggling with being consistent with my Spirituality: Praying, Meditating, and Manifesting.

Somewhere between last week + going into a new month tomorrow, I have found my way back and it feels right.

 I say my Morning Prayers outside. I can’t tell you how Grounding it is to Pray in the Morning Sun.

Did this after Praying 😉


I’ve taken to Manifesting with a lit Green Candle, which I love because it’s also the color of Guardian Angel Raphael’s healing light. I also did a bit of Angel work with Raphael today, very powerful.


I did a bit of a Reading as well today, with my Wild Kuan Yin Oracle and these two right after each other? Damn.

Truly, straight through to my heart.

I thoroughly encourage you to get this deck: Beautiful + the accompanying Book is spot on.

And lastly, while making my Morning Coffee + Breakkie (usually lasting way beyond the Morning): I always play a Joel Osteen Message or two …

My most Fave of the moment is #729 Pray For Others   (go on listen) …

I want to be a Warrior and stand in the gap.

Bring it July!

G xxx






Storied Bits …


Whilst looking for bits Yesterday, of which I shared, I was inspired to go through + let go more of the marriage bits …

Daily Digital Video Bit


Scanned Instax

Daily Film Pic

This is what’s left of 14 years (only took me 5 years to go through it all) + I am quite proud of myself!

Odd the things we keep however:


Admist the worse of it, I went to my Cousin’s College Graduation + I got this as a souvenir.

I wore it everyday for a year. I look at it now and I see comfort.


Stuffed love that I was given until I actually got a real Animal (Sadie!) to love.

Can’t seem to get rid of these just yet.


Old Photo Kit of the ex. Got rid of years of his Photo stuff, but I can’t seen to get rid of these.

He was a Photojournalist at one point: what stories did this Kit see?

As I go forward from where I stand, I am reminded of my Fave Dr. Who Quote from the Matt Smith Era …

“We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”

I am doing my best Sweetie ;)!

G xxx


Inspiration Wednesday …

I have been looking for Career Opportunities lately.

I am of a particular stage in life that I have a wealth of eclectic experience.

It wasn’t until I had a wonder-full conversation with my Bruddah Cuz Lawrence (Thank YOU) did the ‘lightbulb’ go off so to speak. I’ve been trying to mold myself into what I think they want and leaving out what makes me distinctive.

I have been self sabotaging + not looking to myself for Inspiration.

Mark my words, from now on I will be sharing all my unique endeavors because each and every one of them have shaped me into who I am today!

I went through a Decade’s worth of saved bits, and I have A L O T of saved bits. I purged as I went through it all + then it dawned on me, ‘How am I going to take all this s t u f f with me if and when I move?’

Find the opportunity first, I said to myself.


… I am glad I saved this lovely Recommendation Letter from my then Supervisor at the Del Paso Heights Library.   I ran their Homework Center.

Still the best job I ever had.

1. I taught Art within the Sacramento Public Library System.

Absolutely loved it:


2. I taught Art at the Crocker Art Museum.

It was more challenging than my Library Gig: but I am a Self Taught Artist + went entirely on my Passion for Art + my Muse.  The experience made me a better Artist.


3. I was invited to participate in two Inspired Art Fairs.

It made me fall in love with London + it’s Art Community + I made life long Mates + I sold a lot of my Art.

I will have a Creative Career in London one day.



4. I am a Book Cover Photographer for the German Agency Plain Picture.


5. I made CD Covers + Posters. It was a lot of fun collaborating with other creative folks:


6.  I made a cover for an Internationally known Music Magazine.


I was in a few Mixed Media Magazines + a German book on Websites as well.

As I found more + more bits to scan,  I became more and more Inspired.

Most of my past experiences, I did not have any formal training in that position. I had and still have, that Grassroots + DYI attitude that has served me well.

And at the end of all this, I SO look forward to that next big Adventure.

If anyone reading this has an opportunity that might appeal to me or might be a good fit:


G xxx






Motivation Monday …

I am Committed this week:


In this Digital Age, I work better when there is paper + pen + pencil at hand.

And Yes, I am working out of 5 blank books at the moment.


My Beloved Bruddah Cuz Lawrence gave me the idea of attaching m o r e to Job Applications than a Resume + Cover Letter, and you know I can always find m o r e.

Me Musing on all the many Hats I’ve worn over the year, click here.

And then I ran an Art Gallery + I was in the Newspaper …

I never liked the photos + treatment of them in the Article, so ignore them please 😉


Then this on my Lock Screen as Motivation.

This is me at my first Art Show in London at The Truman Brewery on Brick Lane.

I am getting back to all this one day, mark my words.

Look at all those Angel Numbers …

PS I am SO late to the Harry Potter phenom but today he is 20 Years Old today: Think I need to rewatch all the Films again:


Onto m o r e …

G xxx