Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience …


First, my Heart + Soul goes out to all those effected by Hurricane Irma + Harvey.

Please h e l p if you can, click here.

ALL MY LOVE + PRAYERS are with those of you that are Rebuilding your Lives + all those who are Helping you Rebuild.

 Summer has ended and Fall is right around the corner.  It’s the perfect time to take stock of my Journey so far this year.

This Summer I didn’t use my Passport (that’s what Instagram + Facebook are for), I didn’t sit on a Beach, I didn’t take a lot of Road trips.

I traveled inward and discovered long hidden parts of my Soul.

I had a Summer Romances with God, Myself, hand-full of my Beloveds, and Sadie Dog.

I sought out ( currently seeking  ) new opportunities + ways to lose my Inhibition.

I took care of Sadie Dog ( Tumor Removal +  Collapsing Trach ). She’s much better now + her Spirit will not be broken!

There were days that I felt accomplished, motivated, contributing to the World.

Other days, I was disappointed and felt no forward movement at all.

It’s been moments of pain + beauty, of Blessings + Lessons.


Then somewhere in between the Charlottesville Riots and my ‘ Purge + Keep ‘ before 50 …

I discovered something.


I am at an Existential Crossroads.

I’m pretty sure it’s because of the aforementioned Birthday in December, but with all that digging around in my Soul, it was inevitable.

My Human Side (Rational, Thinking, Pragmatic) is in a tug and pull with my Spiritual Side (Faith Filled, Feeling, Visionary).

And I find myself right back where I started when I was in my Teens.

I want to embrace the whole damn World and see all of it.

I know I have to m a k e a living but I also need to create, give back, to help others.

Which road do I take? Do I have to chose just one?

Many days, Many Journeys.

Then somewhere Mid August, things got simpler … and I remembered:

I    t    ‘    s         a     l     l         A     R     T

It’s the merging of Spirit + Humanity that has underlined everything that I stand for in this life.

It’s why I have always sought out the Poem, the Song, the Still Image in random moments.

It’s the path I’ve always taken, It’s the path I’m always on.

And maybe because of these discoveries or said Birthday …


I have been on the Edit: literally + emotionally.

Living in the same magical place for 13 years with 40 (OH GOSH) years plus worth of S T U F F,  it felt empowering  to recycle, donate, throw away bits that I don’t need going into the next half of my Life.

The bits that made the cut, it felt good to organize them.



30 Years of Film Pics + Photo Albums …


14 Years of the Ex in one Plastic Bin ( Sadie + I are both happy about that ). Because in the end, aren’t we all just Stories (Thank You Dr. Who)?


30 Years worth of Paper Bits for Art + Visual Journaling into two Plastic Bins.


30 Years of Magazine Pages into Morgues …


A Lifetime of Cards + Letters …


The First time since I made this room Pink, it truly feels organized. These are the Essentials, like if I had to move tomorrow, these would be packed.


… and then the streamlined Cupboard with almost 50 Years worth of bits.

Inevitably with all this unearthing + organizing, I’ve decided to add a few more Projects ( I am the Project Queen ) to my whole Living 49 – 50 Journey:

One. Writing a Third Issue of my Zine, Life As Art.


Issues One + Two …


Cover of Issue Three?


Two. Making a ( Huge ) Art Piece on my Current Journey: I have Reused this Canvas Three Times ( a charm ).


Three.  Scanning Old Film Pics +  Blogging semi-regularly on my Photography Website  .  I hope to share musings on my life long obsession with Photography!

Four.  Sharing ( in general ) my wealth of life long bits.


Instagram has been my chosen Mode of sharing lately.

In sharing these bits, I’ve discovered that I have done a lot, seen a lot, made a lot, and have done my best to give back to the World.

Here’s to another 30 plus more years of doing the same!

Five. Realizing I have SO much British Bits/Memories/Photos ( 36 Years! ) that …

37170128201_45f450ab15_k (1)

L    O    N    D    O    N         I    S         A    L    W    A    Y    S         C    A    L    L    I    N    G  and I need to get back there soon + often ( a life long Project, aheem )!

Six.  I’m starting a Bucket List before 5 0 ( I know a bit late ) but in doing so, I realized that most of the things on my list are seeking out those that I want to make amends with + forgive + move forward.

Lastly, it’s my hope that I can get back to my daily Living 49 Project + Motivation Monday Et Al Posts + Vlogging . But, as I’ve mentioned in another Blog Post, n o t feeling Inspired is also part of the Journey … so I will do my best!

Rest assured, when I do share, it will be full of intent + straight from the deepest parts of my Heart.

What more can I can hope for going into Fall, Winter and the beginning of the second half of my Life?

Always BIG LOVE, G xxx

+ If interested go here for Summer Pics!

+  Here for Living 49 Pics!





















Mid Summer …

35753258592_30845659e7_z (1)






Freedom Tree




Starting something new




Shutterfly for Promotion




Best Ensaymada ever.




Daddy’s Plums: The best ever.




Mom gives me Magazines + Dad gives me tools!



Bit of Filipinina

Bits from my Tardis:




Snoopy Backpack




First Bit of Art




Oh Savings!




Fave Grade School Lunch Box …




Today: Game of Thrones Season 7 and a Female Dr. Who!

G xxx


Motivation Monday …


Finally finished my Go Fund Me Account for my Trip in December!

justyawpingtotheuk, click!

As promised, Daily Bit from my 49 Years of Life Closet aka My very own ‘ Tardis’ :


Scanned Visual Journal Pages from 2002: Not much has changed other than the justgenie.com

Onto the next =)!

G xxx


Spiritual Friday …


I am getting ready to write an Article for a Friend’s Blog this Weekend.

The subject? Spirituality in Divorce.

Going through bits of the ending of the Marriage for Inspiration, I came across this.

A random paper crown that my MIL at the time gifted me with on my 39th Birthday.

A bit that survived the recent big purge, that also seems rather appropriate as I write about a subject that is close to my heart.

It is a celebration of sorts, the ending of something, discovering yourself, and in the process rediscovering your Spiritual Beliefs.

Check back here for the full article on Sunday!

G xxx



Inspiration Wednesday …

Mid way through Summer + Inspiration comes to me in the Familiar + the New.

Since I am halfway to the 5 0, I decided to share ( a bit or two every day ) special + favorite + unique bits that I have amassed lo these 49 years:


My very own Tardis.


Oh Teen Angst, 1986


Union Jacks even back then, 1985


I clearly remember when my Friends at the time e-mailing me ‘ GO GET the newest issue of Somerset Studio Magazine, You’re IN IT! ‘ … can you see ME?


Then my Website at the time, justgenie.com was in Rubber Stamp Madness Magazine!

Said Good Bye to George’s Fence after 14 years …


Had long over due BFF Time:



We discovered these books, and I want all of them.

Had the best 4th of July ever right on my front lawn:


Of course I was the 6th Avenue Photographer, happily so.


Thanks Shelby for being a part of our Fun!

Scanned Instax Pic


Sparkler Heart …

IMG_2912 3-2

I do have wonder-full Neighbors, how inspiring is that!

Thanks Margaret for being SO Awesome!

Onto the Next …

G xxx