Hindsight 2020 …

Scanned Image_13

Scanned SX-70 B+W Polaroid 

Taken on 2.11.20

 … In Honor of my Dear Soul Sistah Rea (Click Through to her Brilliant Blog!) going back Home to the Netherlands Today: 

Here’s to the Ending of one Journey + to the Beginning of Another! I am Honored that I was a Part of it here in Sacto + now I can’t wait for our Dutch (and beyond …) Journey Together! See you in July! LOVE, G XXX

… In a Lesson that I co-taught recently, it was posited that Photographs (and sometimes Ephemera) are Proof someone was there and experienced something.

And for the past 10 Years, Proof is in the eye of the beholder:

For more Recent Proof go to my Instagram, Yawping!