With Love, 6th Avenue: Part Deux

Before I start u n p a c k i n g ( when all I want to do is plan for my Europe Trip next Month )  I had to get the last bits from the Magic Cottage + Clean + Say the final Good Byes:





Dad’s last visit was on Monday, a Man of few words, but I had to Document him saying something, as he was Instrumental in Gifting me with  a Wonder Filled Space:






Brought Sadie for the Final Good Bye …




Got my Last Fave Meal of Green Panang Curry from the Thai Place down the street where after 14 Years, they always remembers my Name!


Vlog on my Front Stoop that is a little blown out + a bit blurry but is still Heartfelt:






Good Bye Pink Room:





But most of all I will Miss the Light. The Fall Light in the Magic Cottage is the most Sublime. I am Blessed to have experienced it well into November:






Then walked around the Emptiness, one last time:




Saw Wes today after work, and as I walked up to the open door, he bellowed ‘ I am taking apart your House!’ … sob. All the Shelves were gone from my Pink Room and the Side room and all the Inside Doors were off. SO Surreal, as Yesterday it was all intact. I asked him if I could Document the Process of the Remodel, and he said yes! I feel like it’s something I need to do for more Closure and I am excited, as I used to do/enjoy Architectural Photography: Photos coming soon!

As I drove away, Wes ran out to my Truck and said, ‘ Here, you need to have this! ‘ It was a Hello Kitty pencil that I had lost ages ago, and then it hit me, this is truly Good Bye, and I cried all the way to Rogue River Drive. It will take time for me to adjust to my new/old environment …


Lastly, as the above piece has been Gifted already, I wanted to share it here. One of my Fave last pieces I made at the Magic Cottage. I fell in Love with Box Wood Canvases! Where have you been all my Creative Life? I like this size and I will be buying a bunch to make Art to take on my Trip next month!

This weekend is a Three Day one ( Thank YOU Veterans ) and my Goal is to have my Office/Inside Studio all set up, most of the inside boxes unpacked and most of my Bedroom put together. I refuse to show ya’ll what it looks like now, HA! but will post Pics of the Finished Rooms, as well as a Vlog in front of where the Big G is, and of my first walk on the River, just a few blocks from here. Little known secret, I used to be a River Rat , and I am SO looking forward to being that again!

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