The Milestone …


The day had finally arrived:



I had tried my best to Honor my Journey up to this day with my Living 49 Project , revisiting a Lifetime of Memories on my Instagram ( Scroll down, you’ll see the pics ), Journaling, Visual Journaling, and making Art ( perhaps I will make a Zine Issue out of all of it ).
I did feel Special because it was in a City that held a Lifetime of Memories for Me, I was Blessed to have walked this Earth for 50 Years, and I feel I had lived all the Experiences  (Bliss Filled, n o t so Bliss Filled, and everything in between) that God had gifted me with, to the  F U L L .

As I woke up to a ‘ Happy Birthday ‘ from my Cousin and a hand-full of wishes on Social Media, I got ready for my Day.

First, Breakkie in the Restaurant Downstairs:


Then took an Uber to the only Mural I wanted to take a picture in front of:

PicMonkey Collage

Shoreditch Birthday Angel …

While taking the picture in the Rain, a kind Gent walking by said ‘ Model that Photo ! and My Cousin commented, ‘ It’s her Birthday today! ‘ … He joyfully said ‘Happy Birthday! ‘ To wit I answered, ‘ I’m 50 today! ‘ He then threw back over his shoulder, ‘ Keep looking 17!’  SO touched I shouted back ‘ Thank You, Love!’ …

Perfect Birthday Moment.


We went to the  Mall near the old Olympic Stadium ( I know ) to get Snow Boots because it was Winter in the UK and I treated Myself to an Instax Camera because I needed a new one!




Bought my own Birthday Cards as well.

After finally getting a cab in the snow  + regrouping back at the Hotel, we did a bit of Touring via an Uber on the way to Westminster Abbey: 


I had been to the Abbey before, but returning as an Adult on my Birthday seemed, Appropriate:


As stated earlier, this was a Whirlwind trip. Lots of getting in + out of ubers, cabs, and trains but when I had Bliss filled moments, moments of intention and purpose, they made up for all the hurried – ness in spades.

I had about 5 of these types of Moments through out the trip and being at Westminster Abbey was the first.

We weren’t allowed to take photos in the Abbey, but I did sneek in one:


It seems like a bit of a Metaphor for the trip, for my Journey into 50 … the light at the end of the Tunnel.

From the moment I walked in, I felt an enormous sense of awe, peace, home.

I can’t adequately put it into words …

It was like closing my eyes and tilting my face towards the sun.

And then I cried.

As I lit a Candle for a Loved One, I had a bit of an Epiphany.

I was supposed to be here, at this exact Moment, on my 50th Birthday, and I will not let this Gift go, lightly …


Thank you God for 50 Years of Life.

We Toured a bit on a Bus we paid a l o t for:


Had snack before My Birthday Dinner ( Right? It was cold + we were hungry ):


Crossed Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen off my Bucket List:


Best Bit One: The Gin


Best Bit Two: The Last Course of Bone Marrow


Best Bit Three: My Handmade Chocolate

Thank You Soph for My Birthday Dinner! xx

Somewhere after Dinner, on the way to find Christmas Lights in Minus 12 Degree Weather, I bought myself some Birthday Bits:


And this happens on my Birthday sometimes, I got a bit Sad.

Maybe because I was turning 50, but mostly because Loved Ones that I thought would Call, Text, or leave a Message somewhere on Social Media, did not … and it hit me a bit hard.

I shared this with my Cousin, and she said ‘ I’m here ‘ as she grabbed my hand in comfort.

I will always Love her for that.

I cheered up considerably when we finally found Carnaby Street ( where we were the night before, we just didn’t turn the right c o r n e r ):





Click link if the above Video Bit doesn’t play!



As the above video bit states, good thing the shops were all closed or we would have had no money for the rest of the trip!

Back at the Hotel I took some more pics to honor the day:

38762154105_2344a5f2a7_oScanned B + W Instax



I called my Parents, We packed + had our last night in London.

Not nearly enough time in London, I missed going to an Art Museum, the Sunday Markets in East London, and seeing my Friends.

London will always be a magical place for me, but somehow on this trip it was different.

I will go back to explore on my own, and I can’t wait!

London will always be the place that I turned 50.

Next Blog Post: Avebury, Lacock Village, Bath and Oxford!






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