Traveling …




It’s been awhile!





Out with the Old, in with the New …



And I will live this Year in honor of Rodney.

Rest in Peace, Thank You for being a part of this Life, and watch over our Stephanie



And 50 is here: Fabulously full of Blessings, full of Lessons.

It all started with a trip across the Pond to the UK, my most favorite part of the World, to honor the Milestone. If anyone truly knows me, knows how much of a full blown Anglophile I am. England has my heart, it has my soul. It was the only place to turn 50 and I am finally sharing this Journey in upcoming posts!

My life long love of England started at an early age: My very first visit to London was when I was 12 on a Two Week, 7 Country Tour.

This is my most fave pic of the trip because I have camera in hand. I will scan those pics one day:


My Second Trip in 2003 was for an Art Show at Truman Brewery , fell in Love with East London and Brick Lane , and did lots of walking and taking Random Photos:

8252371_b2973b7fac_b (1)8251098_5e2e56a386_b8259044_6809117b7f_b (1)

The Third Trip in 2005 was for a Second Art Show at The Bridge , more falling in Love with Brick Lane, and playing with Street Photography:


The recent Trip was the starting point of an 8 Day Journey through 4 Cities to honor the Birthday and to Explore.

It must be said, I do love an Airport and a Plane Ride:




… Then you magically arrive and the Adventure begins!

First, a bit of a Layover in Dublin ( Cross that off my Bucket List ) + my first Stamp in my New Passport:



Then we finally landed in London: Excited, Tired, and I felt completely at Home.

Thank YOU Sis Cuz Sophia for Documenting the following moment in our very expensive Cab Ride, Documenting numerous other moments on the trip, and making sure I wasn’t on my own when I turned 50!


We stayed at a Funky Hotel in my East London:








And seriously, the best Key Cards ever:



We tried to fit in as much as we could into 3 nights + 2 Days.

Walked a lot in the Rain + Snow …



Accidentally ran into St. Paul’s Cathedral :





Randomly got off at this Tube Stop ( Tower of London ):




Click this Link if Video Bit doesn’t play!

And we typically took the Tube, got lost on the Tube, made Friends with people on the way to the Tube.




Then if we wanted to make the most of our time, we rode Cabs + Ubers, and sometimes the Music hit me, right there.



But most times I felt like Linda McCartney , taking photos out of moving Vehicles.

I was creating my own Documentary:





We finally made it to Brick Lane, a place that epitomizes c r e a t i v e  e n e r g y.

I had wanted to spend the whole of Sunday meandering through the Markets, smelling Curry admist the Graffiti, and reminiscing. But sometimes in Life, you can’t go back.

I experienced what I was supposed to.



Meandered out of the Snowy Cold and into this Market at the Truman Brewery:



THIS is my London, Folks like him.

Then I randomly stumbled upon, THIS COAT. It took me all of 5 minutes to try it on, find out it fits me p e r f e c t l y, and fall in love with it ( that is the face of H A P P Y below ). The SO sweet booth owner ( should have given him my business card, but at least I introduced myself ) told me it was a 1944 British Red Cross Trench Coat, and with that, it became the b e s t ( 50th ) Birthday Present ever:





It weathered the British Rain, Snow, and my backpack heavily laden with Photo Gear for the rest of the Trip.


These guys.

The conversation + their dandy – ness was the Cherry on Top ( actually my Wood Brick Lane sign was ) of the best Shopping Experience of my Trip, a trip that wasn’t about shopping.

Then out onto the street to Document:



Yes, I’m back and in front of where I had my first Art Show in London, at The Truman Brewery!

And just a taste of the Famous East London Graffiti:




In My Element.

Next Blog Post: The Birthday


 PS Endeavour Season V starts on Sunday, just in time for me to Blog about my new love, Oxford.








































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