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Here I sit feeling like the entire world is   b  r  o  k  e  n. How do you wrap your head and heart around something like Las Vegas?

The random senseless violence, the loss, the raw pain.

At the end of the day, I finally turned on the news and a floodgate opened.

I went outside with my camera and did the one thing that comforts me:





This entire year has been a rough one for the World at large: how do you place yourself in all of that? How do you feel? How do you help? How can you not think that we need to

l     i     s     t    e    n

… the Universe is trying to tell us something.

And if you’ve been following me through this last year of my 40’s, all this totally fits into my existential journey:




I’ve gotten back to being inspired, grounded, at peace.

I’m trying to stay on track with my Living 49 Project .

I’ve made a Career choice that fits me, just right.

And it hit me, is it wrong that I’m so happy and the rest of the world is falling apart?

But as today is Motivation Monday, I realized that even though there are so many  atrocities that happen everyday, everywhere in the World, it is my God Given gift of  life that I will not waste.




I am still alive for a reason and I will try my hardest to find it.

I will not be afraid to say ‘ I Love You ‘ because that is the greatest gift you can give someone.

I will dream hard and work hard for my dreams.

I will strive to help others every second of every day, in some small way.

I will use my Muse to honor, inspire, and put light back into the World.

It may not make a difference in the big scheme of things, but it’s all I have to offer.

In Peace + Love, G XXX

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