Inspiration Wednesday …

Mid way through Summer + Inspiration comes to me in the Familiar + the New.

Since I am halfway to the 5 0, I decided to share ( a bit or two every day ) special + favorite + unique bits that I have amassed lo these 49 years:


My very own Tardis.


Oh Teen Angst, 1986


Union Jacks even back then, 1985


I clearly remember when my Friends at the time e-mailing me ‘ GO GET the newest issue of Somerset Studio Magazine, You’re IN IT! ‘ … can you see ME?


Then my Website at the time, was in Rubber Stamp Madness Magazine!

Said Good Bye to George’s Fence after 14 years …


Had long over due BFF Time:



We discovered these books, and I want all of them.

Had the best 4th of July ever right on my front lawn:


Of course I was the 6th Avenue Photographer, happily so.


Thanks Shelby for being a part of our Fun!

Scanned Instax Pic


Sparkler Heart …

IMG_2912 3-2

I do have wonder-full Neighbors, how inspiring is that!

Thanks Margaret for being SO Awesome!

Onto the Next …

G xxx







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