Storied Bits …


Whilst looking for bits Yesterday, of which I shared, I was inspired to go through + let go more of the marriage bits …

Daily Digital Video Bit


Scanned Instax

Daily Film Pic

This is what’s left of 14 years (only took me 5 years to go through it all) + I am quite proud of myself!

Odd the things we keep however:


Admist the worse of it, I went to my Cousin’s College Graduation + I got this as a souvenir.

I wore it everyday for a year. I look at it now and I see comfort.


Stuffed love that I was given until I actually got a real Animal (Sadie!) to love.

Can’t seem to get rid of these just yet.


Old Photo Kit of the ex. Got rid of years of his Photo stuff, but I can’t seen to get rid of these.

He was a Photojournalist at one point: what stories did this Kit see?

As I go forward from where I stand, I am reminded of my Fave Dr. Who Quote from the Matt Smith Era …

“We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”

I am doing my best Sweetie ;)!

G xxx


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