Motivation Monday …

I am Committed this week:


In this Digital Age, I work better when there is paper + pen + pencil at hand.

And Yes, I am working out of 5 blank books at the moment.


My Beloved Bruddah Cuz Lawrence gave me the idea of attaching m o r e to Job Applications than a Resume + Cover Letter, and you know I can always find m o r e.

Me Musing on all the many Hats I’ve worn over the year, click here.

And then I ran an Art Gallery + I was in the Newspaper …

I never liked the photos + treatment of them in the Article, so ignore them please 😉


Then this on my Lock Screen as Motivation.

This is me at my first Art Show in London at The Truman Brewery on Brick Lane.

I am getting back to all this one day, mark my words.

Look at all those Angel Numbers …

PS I am SO late to the Harry Potter phenom but today he is 20 Years Old today: Think I need to rewatch all the Films again:


Onto m o r e …

G xxx






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