Motivation Monday …

I am Committed this week:


In this Digital Age, I work better when there is paper + pen + pencil at hand.

And Yes, I am working out of 5 blank books at the moment.


My Beloved Bruddah Cuz Lawrence gave me the idea of attaching m o r e to Job Applications than a Resume + Cover Letter, and you know I can always find m o r e.

Me Musing on all the many Hats I’ve worn over the year, click here.

And then I ran an Art Gallery + I was in the Newspaper …

I never liked the photos + treatment of them in the Article, so ignore them please ūüėČ


Then this on my Lock Screen as Motivation.

This is me at my first Art Show in London at The Truman Brewery on Brick Lane.

I am getting back to all this one day, mark my words.

Look at all those¬†Angel¬†Numbers …

PS I am SO late to the Harry Potter phenom but today he is 20 Years Old today: Think I need to rewatch all the Films again:


Onto m o r e …

G xxx






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