Motivation Monday …

Summer Solstice  is tomorrow night in my part of the world. Just doing a bit of Research I have realized just how Spiritual this time is, so I think I may leave musing about it all until Spiritual Friday. Then I might do a bit of these in the next week or so …

It amazes me that in a week + some change, it’s July. I will let you all in on a little secret: as you get older, time is a subjective thing. It goes fast or slow depending on how you fill it up. And truth be told, since my Bruddah Cuz Frank left a couple of weeks ago, my time has been filled with Feast as well as Famine.

Maybe it’s because my Beloved Sweet Pea has Surgery on Friday or that in the last 6 months I have accomplished a lot, but feel I could be so much farther along, I am pushing myself to stay consistent in all the different compartments in my life. Hence, my Motivation Monday Post.

Even though I am Creative and at base, quite Free Spirited, I need a bit of Structure to get things done.


As I type, I am waiting patiently for my Moleskine Academic Calendar to take me through to the end of 49 into 50 (It says it’s Delivered to me an hour ago, not. I hope it’s not lost) I have a thing for Notebooks and Calendars:


This is just a little bit of 20 Years of Journals + Notebooks + Calendars.


When in doubt I Creative Camp in Bed (and apparently at angles) …


Getting Free Random (cool) Magazines motivates me when I need it the most.


I am late to the Harry Potter game but lo if these haven’t been on loop whilst I work.

Randomness motivates me sometimes …


Hats at a Bar


And Daddy with His Father’s Day Present.

Onto this hot week where I live =P.

G xxx




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