Inspiration Wednesday …

Oh London, what has 2017 done to you, my Heart breaks:


(Via Google Image Search)

If you know me, you know how London is always on my Mind and in My Heart: She is a constant source of Inspiration to me. Three major tragedies in so many months that have hit my Beloved City, so hard and what do they do? They carry on.

Strength + Bravery + Humanity

And you wonder why I London so much.


It’s been a life long Love: My first visit was when I was 11: and apparently I have a life long love of Scrapbooking/Visual Journaling!


And now more there ever, I want to visit my Beloved City in December!


And as always …


(Via Google Image Search)

G xxx

ALSO: I have noticed that since June 2nd: My dates on my blog posts are all messed up. I will try and resolve this issue with WordPress.

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