Inspirational Wednesday …

It’s mid- week of my getting back into the swing of things …

and for the first time in what feels like the longest time, I feel truly inspired.

Maybe because of …

One. My visit with my Beloved Bruddah Cuz Frank: 


Scanned Instax


Think it might be his Boots, they travel:


Justin Drive in SF …


Rogue River Drive, Sacramento

Or it could be the Pipe Smoking:


Or the Dirty Martinis …


Honored that I could be there to cross this off his Bucket List …


Click here if above video isn’t playing.



He is my Touchstone + a Man amongst Men + the best Storyteller ever, full stop.

Can’t wait to celebrate our Birthdays together in December.

Love You Endlessly + Shaka, Bruddah Cuz.

Two. Road Tripping with the Rental Car:

Singing loudly with CD’s I’ve long forgotten + going down random dirt paths + photo shooting with treasured bits …





Click here if above video isn’t playing.

Three: Things close to home: 

Sadie Love …


Even though she’s older now: found out today she has a Tumor on her Paw ( I am hopeful … send Prayers): Her Joy + Optimism inspires me beyond words.

Piles of Books …


It’s been a minute since I’ve been to my local Library Branch + they even waived my outstanding $3 late fees but these books? Timely.

Things Growing …

The older I get the more I honor nature + what she gives us:


Margaret planted in our wee Community Garden tonight + we had the best conversation:  I heart my neighborhood.

Lastly: London + the UK …

In the last 3 months they have had 3 Terrorist Attacks.

Their Bravery + their ‘ Get on with it ‘ attitude + their love of Country, humbles + deeply moves me:


THIS random pic was taken in Notting Hill whilst parading with my film camera in 2003. It’s full of life + energy + coexisting cultures + till this day my most fave shot + representative of how I see my Beloved London.

Onto Thursday!

G xxx












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