Inspiration Wednesday …

Started off with some Spring Cleaning:


Found this banner from my second Art Fair in London + I can’t believe that I’ve never put it up: THIS inspires me to get back to showing in the part of the world I love the most. WOW, it’s been over a Decade since I was last in London.

Waaay overdue for a visit.


Making things grow inspires me, even if it’s just Daises in a Tea Cup.


Bought my first piece of Prada (d e e p l y  discounted) on my own, SO inspirational.

These I will wear in the UK with pride.


Made plans with my Beloved Bruddah Cuz Frank for his visit next week.

I can’t wait for all the inspiration I will be soaking up from him: he’s Aces, full stop.


THIS Grrrl Graduated tonight and her steady strength and t a l e n t inspires me.

She will win major Awards one day, mark my words.

What or who inspired you this week?

G xxx

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