Inspiration Wednesday …

Today is my Beloved Bruddah Cuz Lawrence’s Birthday.

He is a constant Inspiration to me.

He is more than Family, he is one of my Best Friends.

He is Brave, Kind, Caring, the best Conversationalist, Adventurous, Witty, a Brilliant Chef, and always has the best movies to watch …


I couldn’t think of a better way to honor him than to make him the focus of my Inspiration Post today.

We are Second Cousin’s on my Mum’s Side, our Mums talk to each other every day: which by Default, makes us close ;)!

I have fond childhood memories of us playing on the stairs at the Pacheco Palace in Kalihi:



And hanging out at my Beloved Grandma’s Farm in Stockton:

Mid 1970’s? I Love that we both have Stripes on.

From Top L to R: Cousin Steph + Dulce + Cyndi ( or is it Cyndi + Dulce? ) … and then Wee Onice!

We have shared the same hometown of Sacramento for over 20+ years, but it wasn’t until  5 Years ago that we have gotten closer. I was going through the ending of my marriage and he was starting on his own journey (more about that in Monday’s Motivation Post):


We love eating out, we are huge Foodies

Via my old iPhone 5 at the Hideaway Bar and Grille 



Akebono: My Fave Japanese Restaurant



We love Art + anything Creative …

The Nevada Museum of Art

PS The trip started our tradition of Deep Conversations



Family Picnics …

 With Bruddah Cuz Dominic at Coyote Point


We’ve had random fun over the years:


Downton Abbey Preview with Kevin



My Birthday at Badlands


Snap chatting with his iPhone 7 (I’m Jealous) …


We like to cook together:


Made Souffles @ 1am like a Boss (after we discovered we had water in the egg whites, aheeem)


He wanted to make this Pumpkin Torte which was finished @ 3am and it was perfect.

He made Jeff’s Soup for my Cookbook Project + then Jeff randomly stopped by that day, that’s the Universe.

Rest in Peace Jeff , Y O U are an Inspiration:



Lawrence loves Baking (and has the B E S T Kitchen to do it in):


You are the Gift in my life Bruddah Cuz.

You inspire me how you do everything with Integrity.

I look forward to more Cousin BFF Adventures together.

Love Endlessly, G xxx

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