Motivation Monday …

Getting back to my Blogging Schedule, and I am f e e l i n g  fine:


Sadie and I found this at the Park: London I S always good Motivation for me.


This pile consisting of Notebooks + Journals and my Zipped Pouch of Pens + Pencils + Washi Tape usually follows me around My Cottage or to a Cafe. Filling up blank pages with ideas, lists, and taped up bits, always gets me g o i n g …


In my Calendar, I usually write my Weekly List on one side and detailed Daily Lists on the other. On the Index Card? Things I don’t want to forget.

Then I did something today that set me free, click here.

Now THAT’S Motivation.


Treated myself to some bits at my fave Pharmacy to commemorate …

And Annelies motivates me, click.

After last weeks lack of motivation, this week is going to be filled up.

G xxx

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