Inspiration Wednesday …

Today is my second post with my new Weekly Features. Mondays will focus on Motivation. Wednesdays it will be all about Inspiration.

Just as Motivation can come from anywhere, so can Inspiration. Truth be told, I see Inspiration everywhere!

One. Dad


He is my Touchstone, my biggest Supporter in all of my Creative Endeavours, and a constant source of Inspiration: He knows something about everything and our conversations always make me look at life in a  b e t t e r  way.

Two. My Tribe doing Kick Arse Stuff:

I am blessed to have such Creative, Brilliant folks that I call Friends. They inspire me by how they fill up this world.

My Arty BFF Katarzyna Gajewska, click …


We met eons ago at an Art Fair in London and have kept a closeness over the years. She is a f*cking amazing Painter + one of the strongest Women I know + a brilliant Mum.  I can’t wait for our Adventures in the UK in December + to start our Visual Journaling Project together.

My Grrrl Annelies, click for her killer YouTube Channel.


We met when we worked at Apple together. Her Energy and Kindness are surpassed only by her incredible Talent. When she wins the Tony a n d the Academy Award one day, I will be proud to say, she is my Friend.

Her new website is here, click.

Then there’s this Short Film that my Friend Thomas made. Seriously, good and won an Award to prove it.

He makes me want to try my hand at Film.

Three. My Magic Cottage

It’s a 1923 Fixer Upper in a Vintage Americana type Neighborhood.


I have lived a million lives in this wee house.

I gained + lost + found myself here.

… and now the whole of it is my Creative Playground.

Four. My Morgues

I got this idea from a Friend waaay back when and now it’s a life long practice of keeping Morgues (click for definition) …


I take my piles of Magazines + tear through them + keep the pages that speak to me in some way + slip then into plastic sheet protectors + save them in binders.

That Sepia photo on the left? It’s from a 1985 Issue of  The Face Magazine.

Inspiration never gets old.

Five. Books


I can not live without Books.

I have books from my Childhood, High School + Uni, but it’s Photography and Art books that never fail to inspire me. When I’m s t u c k, I make a pile and curl up somewhere.

Six. Visual Journals.


I started Visual Journaling, Junior Year in High School (wait, where are those?) and I haven’t stopped since. Then one year I discovered Sabrina Ward Harrison and she opened my eyes that what I’ve been doing for years, was actually Art. I love Filling up blank books.  I love going back and looking through those filled up books.

It’s like being inspired all over again.

Seven. Planning My Trip


I plan my trip to the UK everyday and I am inspired (and can’t contain my excitement) everyday.

Go on, tell me what i n s p i r e s   Y O U ?

Up Next: Spiritual Friday

Lastly: My daily video bit of Inspiration …

G xxx

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