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After a bit of rearranging I’m settled: Mondays will be sharing all things Motivational!

Where I sit currently, I am experiencing  an overwhelming sense of Peace. I alluded to it a bit in my latest video on my YouTube Channel (Click).  I am looking at Motivation in a different way.

These past 6 months have opened up my schedule for things that I had not been able to  integrate into my Life on a regularly basis. Things that purely gave me Joy, Happiness, and Comfort.  My schedule was filled to the brim with ‘ work ‘ that anything that wasn’t that, I felt guilty for experiencing them.

I have since learned, sometimes kicking and screaming along the way, that it is those very things, Joy, Happiness, and Comfort, that motivates me to tackle that to do list. I find the blessing in this lesson and I have been actively getting outta my head when the ‘ day to day ‘ gets a bit too much.


One. Music + Dancing.

It never fails. If I wake up a wee bit grumpy (Sorry, God) and a tad unmotivated, all I have to do is put on a favorite song or dance video, sing along, and make Sadie dog dance with me, and the day is bright once again.

Some faves of the moment (don’t judge me):

Other Faves by Penatonix are Rather Be and Cheerleader = They make me so happy lately.

Hi I’m Genie and I watch Dance Videos on YouTube:

Next Life I want to come back as Lia Kim (or a Dancer), She kills it every single time.

Other Fave Lia Kim Dance bits are Shape Of YouCloser :watch the second group in this video bit: WOW, and what do ya know: Sing!

Two. Making Sadie smile.

I know she is a straight gift from God. When she’s sad (you know waiting for Mum to get off the computer) or when I’m sad (you know when the computer doesn’t work): all I have to do is throw her toy + take her for a ‘W’ or a R I D E and her smile saves me every time:


Three. Road Trips

There is nothing like a Road Trip to get yourself out of the funk, clear the cobwebs, and bring you back with a fresh perspective on things:



One. Snap

Sometimes it’s nice to take silly, random photos that aren’t for a Project or an Agency.  It’s a sure fire way to get me out of my thoughts, into my Muse, and appreciate the small things in life:


Two. Making Art and/or Visual Journaling

Oh how I’ve missed thee. I’ve been focusing on my Photography the last 5 years that I’ve forgotten that I am also a (Mixed Media) Artist. There is nothing more leveling for me than a blank page or canvas, the smell of glue and let’s be honest, tape, and the feeling of a pair of scissors in my hand. Making something is a sure fire way to get my head back into the game:


Three. Loving on my Tribe.

A text that I’m thinking of them, putting together a Care Package just because, or having last minute drinks at my local down the street: a classic way to pick myself up and see things more clearly is Tribe love:



One. Sleep

The older I get the more I crave it. Naps are a wonderful way to start over again, a night of uninterrupted sleep makes me feel like Wonder Woman and I can save the whole damn world:


Two. Re-watching TV Shows

There is nothing like having a familiar show on in the background whilst working or trying to start something new, that instantly comforts me and gets those creative juices flowing:

My tried and true motivator  …

I have the entire series on disc and if I can’t sleep they are my sleeping pills.

And any of my Fave British shows, soothes those rough edges and gets me going (it must be those accents):

Sherlock (Season 1 + 2 are gold) Dr Who (Matt Smith Episodes: Miss Him + Amy + Rory)


Three. Making Piles

Ask my Beloved Dad. He would come into my room and ask me why I had my magazines laying neatly in piles, and I remember this like it was Yesterday, I said …

‘ Because they comfort me ‘

My first trip to London when I was 11, what did I bring? Piles of Comic Books.

When I’m stuck, I make a pile and either sit at my Dining Table, outside in the Backyard, or back to Bed. It’s the hodge podge of s t u f f that gets me going.



As you can see, I have found and continually find, motivation in many places. Drop me some words and let me know what gets you motivated!

Next up: Inspiration Wednesdays.

G xxx

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