BFF Day …

Anytime I can share with my BFF Gay is P R I C E L E S S: Today we went to Napa + bit of parading in my ‘ hood …


We did a junk fair that we thought shoulda been more + had lunch at The Kitchen Door + Found in Estate Sale and walked it barefoot + went antiquing + found a place that was our aesthetic + I found something that I fell in love with (see below) + we went thrifting a bit + then had dinner at one of my Fave Mexican Restaurants … :

We thought it was good, click here.


… Always try the Bloody Mary at a new place: this we spicy how I like it but rather plain looking (where’ the Bacon?)


Matching- ish iPhone 6 Plus cases I got us at the Aloha Flea Market in Hawai’i …


Vintage Metal Suitcase that I L O V E that I will use to house all my Journals/Notebooks/Bits this last year of my 40’s: Need to clean up a bit + line with some vintage fabric, done.


Best Lent Ever Bit …

And tomorrow, FINALLY starting my new Niche!

G xxx

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