Perfect Saturday …

Uploaded Submissions to my German Photo Agency Plain Picture, Click Here and they’re changing my name to Genie C Balantac =):


Started my Vida Shop …:


PROUD of my UK Tribe! Bernie received an OBE from HRH Prince Charles this week: Two Degrees of Separation? and my BELOVED Arty BFF Kat got a Full Interview/Spread in the Irish Independent!


Bernie bought this ‘Lamakad’ Piece from me at the Inspired Art Fair under the London Bridge in a blackout ( best story, ever):

I am excited to have a possible Art show in Dublin in December and reconnecting with my London Tribe …


Always on my mind + in my creative space:


A bit of sunny inspiration, click here. 

Cherry Tree is blooming:




Got My Free Prints book, LOVE. Making more …

More from the Triplett shoot:


And this was a whole day (and baking cookies + washing Sadie Love) …


Off to watch Reality TV  because I can …

G xxx

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