Last Weekend …

of January … Where did it g o?


My Love Sadie Girl always lets me take her picture …


Pink Grrrl’s first Location Shoot  =) …


Live Geek …

Mixed Media Art on Canvas, 2014


Jesus Hanging Ten …


My Journals at their January Mark …


Field of Sheep in Green

Video Bit One, Click here!

Video Bit Two, Click here!

Video Bit Three, Click here!

And it’s been a month + a week of my Living 49 Project: Taking a Film Pic, a Digital Pic, a Digital Video Bit, Journal Writing, Visual Journaling, Making Art + Blogging + I planning my trip to the UK everyday until December 11th, my 50th Birthday!

It has certainly honed my Creativity + the way I look at my every day. I love that I am also fine tuning how I tell stories …

Life is pretty good going into February.

G xxx

PS This Blog is 2 Years Old this Month: That’s kinda a big deal for me 😉

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