Feels Like Sunday …

Finally getting used to not rushing off to work on a Sunday and being lazy.

Started off my Sunday with watching Joel Osteen’s Service : might have to turn your sound up a bit.

Then went to Mass (it’s a Sunday after all) then stopped off at a neighborhood Thrift Store going out of business:


I looked bow legged + I got it for $10 + no I don’t know what it is but I will use it in my picture taking somehow …


Watched The Breakfast Club: First saw it in the Theaters + then in Film Class: really, my Film Teacher rolled in a projecter with the Film on reels, damn. How is it 30 years old? My most fave movie from the 80’s.

I started looking through 5 years of pics for a blog post on my BFF and only made it to 4 years (blame it on Sunday lazy-ness) or blame it on waaay too m a n y pictures.


Wish I had bought one of these in 2015.


When I first bought this hat at the CA State Fair: wow that’s 3 years ago.


This collage I made of me + my Sis Cuz Stephanie who’s turning a certain age at the end of the month (look at our knee socks).

I started watching Bright Lights … but had to stop because I kept crying. Don’t want to watch the second Episode of Sherlock, because then that means next week it’s over forever.

So I am watching Singing In The Rain again. This Dance number makes me happy and forget that I can’t see Season 4 of Endeavor because I don’t live in the UK yet. If you haven’t seen it, watch it: it’s brilliant.

Not a bad way to end a full first week of January.

What will the next 7 days bring?

G xxx

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