Still Celebrating …

It’s windy + rainy here in my little part of the World but I still feel like celebrating:

31717606950_dc3d8d86df_k.jpgDad Likes His Smart Phone =)

Click here for Today’s (silly) Video Bit …

More Photos from my NYE Road Trip:


Always London (Can you see me in front of my Art?) …

31717405080_91f6b70394_bAdmit everything, a l w a y s Thank-full …

31282390433_2838a6d0ea_bMargaret’s Lemons for New Year’s Luck …

31944677882_1e2b49f0b6_h31718015990_5a0ce0aff8_k31975210161_df883cdce4_kAnd it’s only been 13 days of my Living 49 Project (remember I didn’t start exactly on December 11th): Taking a Digital Pic + Film Pic + Video Bit + Write + Visual Journal + Make Art + Blog everyday until December 11, 2017.

I can’t tell you how it’s motivated me in other parts of my Life + made me fall in love with being Creative all over again …

Here’s to filling u p 2017

G xxx

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