Living 49 …




Yes, that is what I am now.

Just like when I turned 39, I felt it was a milestone that I wanted to honor + document.

I took a Photo (Film + Digital) + made Art + Journaled  (Wrote + Visual) + took a video bit + posted on my Blog everyday until turned 40.

Click here if you care to take a peek!  Not all the bits are there: but you get the idea.

As I head towards the 5 – 0, I am moved to honor + document once again.

(Also for the 5 – 0, I am planning a Trip to my Most Fave part in this World … with Beloveds from my Tribe: Check back for ways I plan to fund my Trip) …


In truth, I have shied away from sharing my age: But the past few years have taught me something important about Life …

To be grateful that you wake up in the morning.

That you have everything you need to be Happy at any given moment.

To Love + be Loved are the greatest gifts.

It took me almost 50 years to realize all that, and damn it if t h a t isn’t worth celebrating, then I don’t know what is.

There have been a few bumps in the road that have detoured me from starting this project, because if you look at today’s date, it is n o t December 11:


My Beloved Auntie Cionne passed away in Hawai’i …

It made me pause + reflect on the true meaning of Ohana: I documented a lot on this trip. I see a blog post on my Island Home in the near future!



… and these Lessons + Blessings.

I used to say all the time that Life Is Art. If what I make/create/share doesn’t come from my every day moments, the good/bad/sublime/brilliant/painful …

then what’s the point?

Before I start here’s Living 48 and some other bits:

Went to San Diego to be with my California Ohana …


Piano from ‘Top Gun’! SO much fun, G O when in San Diego!


Laura + Lucas + Benjamin


My SO Beloved Sis Cuz BFF Soph …


Stayed in a room poolside at a hotel that old Hollywood frequented, G O when in San Diego!



… Cousin Time with Soph + Brittany


Fell in Love with SoCal yet again …

More SD pics to come!

Fall into Winter:


My Japanese Maple in all it’s glory


Our annual Fall Visitor reminding me to stay in Peace …


The Annual Fall Trip to Apple Hill complete with Props for Photo Shoots …


Speaking of Photo Shoots, they are my most Fave thing to do!

Jackie admist her school’s color …

Go here for other pics from my other Photo Shoots …

And then there was Hawai’i for Auntie Cionne’s Funeral ( I hadn’t been back since my Beloved Auntie Sally’s Funeral click, here … )


I remember going up the Mountain on Onipa’a Street + watching Apo Marshall + Auntie Cionne + Auntie Caring crack Coconuts + pick Marungi + Roast/Cook Kalding. Visiting it recently was bittersweet + comforting + errie:


I M I S S + l o v e all of them, so much + there is no one left from their Generation.

Shared time with My SO Beloved Bruddah Cuz Frank:




… Finally had our Dirty Martini Date at Haleiwa Joe’s …

31478175655_40df32e1da_bAnd he gave me a Pipe with some of his Fave Tabacco.

Shared time with my SO Beloved Sis Cuz  BFF Dulce + the Ohana at the Pacheco Palace:


I got her into Vintage + Modeling for me  😉


Olana gave me a multitude of Love …


LOVE that Dulce still has my Art I made her!


LOVE that She went with me looking for Murals …


and Thrifting! Yes, I brought this back in my Suitcase.


And no Visit with My Twins isn’t complete unless we go to the Aloha Flea Market

Then honored to be a part of Maverick’s first car ride:


More Pics to come …

Came back to NorCal to the cold + a cold that I can’t seem to shake so I decorated for the Holidays:



Then it was my Birthday Week – end:

Had lunch at Drop Box’s New Headquarters in SF with my Cousin Joyce:





My Cousin Randolph is a Manager/Chef at their Kick Arse Cafeteria … SO Proud +Thank YOU for having us!

Putzed around the Mission with My Cousin Steph + Rod:



Thank YOU Sis Cuz Steph for our matching Vests!

Went to the new SF MOMA! It inspired me to push my Art (and gentle nudging from my Cousins) this year, I’ve missed making Art, click. PS I usually don’t take a lot of pics in Museums (check my Instagram Feed for some pics).

The rest of the Week – end:


Looking for Holiday Cheer Downtown …


Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack …


Mahalo Sis Cuz BFF Soph for my hat: almost a Pink Lady ;)!


Bottom Of The Hill  for some really good music + some really good libations: I’ve missed Live Music.

And Familia Bonding is the b e s t gift:


Joyce’s Dutch Pancake …


Love of Photography runs in the Family!


Paige’s Masterpiece: Creativity runs in the Family too!

Then it’s not a Birthday without an:


Ettore Cake!


LOVE them so.

Had a BFF Day with Gay in Sutter Creek …


At the Familia Homestead: feels like Ireland/Scotland to me …


Where’s the Baby?


Maybe he’ll find him!

Then started my Living 49 Project:


Piles of Inspiration …


Journaling: will scan an odd page once in awhile and post here: toying with the idea of making a Zine with my written + visual journal pages …


Making Art: 4 (or more) Canvases this year: will document the Process here.

Bought a new Leather Journal for Visual Journaling:


December 17, 2016


December 19 – 20

It’s comforting to get back into Visual Journaling again: it’s all about the f l o w.

Because my account doesn’t support Video: click here! for my Daily Video Bits.

I will post Daily Digital Pics here:


And when I get more Instax Film I will also post daily pics here as well!

Excited to be getting back to m e.

Bookmark + Share + Check Back Daily + Leave Me a Comment (maybe we can collaborate this Year!) …

It’s going to be one heck of a R I D E.

G xxx

December 21, 2016

PS: Also currently inspired by This:

Her …


Urban Dance Camp




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