For The Love of Film …

My love of film started from waaaay back.


Yes, this was my First Camera and no I do not have it anymore =( …

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I used to ride my bike to get my photos from the Fotomat. I would put the envelope with my name on it in my basket and ride home floating on air: I had pictures that I took that I could hold in my hands.

And yes I remember these commercials …

Everything seems to be Digital now and I am sad to admit that even if I have my DSLR I instinctively grab for my iPhone to take a picture.

For my last shoot Evan asked me to find polaroids to use as Props. Really easy for me to do, as of course I have a Polaroid Album, aheem. As I went through my Polaroids, my gaze went to my many many other photo albums and I had to stop myself from going through them.


I have dragged this chest around with me for almost 20 years …


… And Yes I’m that organized

What a better place or reason for me to revisit my beloved film pics then for here!


Scanned Polaroid, 1980 – Something

Taken the Summer of Junior Year in HS? I used to stay with my Auntie in Queens, NYC + this was across the street from her apartment.

I loved that Vintage Tuxedo Jacket + long dangly earrings: I still wish I had both: I was in my Sade Phase.


Scanned Polaroid, Mid 1980 – Something, Sacramento, CA

Taken when I used to put my hair up in chopsticks and Denny’s had a funky metal vibe.


Scanned Polaroid, Mid 1980 – Something, Sacramento CA

When I responded to a Model Call for some Shooters: Nothing much has changed.


Scanned Polaroid, Late 1980 – Something, Ocean Beach in SF

With my first 35mm Camera taking pictures of my shoes in a Vintage Coat: Nothing much has changed.


Scanned Polaroid, 1990, Queens NYC

On our way to the INXS gig at Madison Square Garden

We snuck in my Camera and onto floor seats and I took this:


Scanned Black + White Photo: I miss Michael Hutchence sometimes.


And then I STILL have Film to be developed!

Keep in eye out for Film (every other) Friday, right here.

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