The Beginning …


Little did I know I was being led out of darkness …

First Phone Selfie (don’t judge me) September, 2011


… I was documenting Color for a class I was taking

Sac City College, September 19, 2011


…  and then the next day was the beginning of the end + but I still saw beauty IN the every day (and discovered that my non – smart phone was a convenient way to document)

September 19, 2011

6838647493_5ef5a56784_bDad’s Birthday, November 15, 2011


November, 2014

I was thank – full and am continually thank- full for my Beloved Parents: They are my Best Friends … TRULY the definition of Unconditional Love: I would not have gotten out of the Depths without them …


I also reconnected with Mi Extended Familia (and started to carry my Camera everywhere): how I missed all of you!

September 26, 2011


My Dearly loved Sadie Girl, My Parading Partner, is also the definition of Unconditional Love: She put the magic back in our Cottage …


And then My Familia grew: Thank YOU my Dearly Loved Sis BFF Gay for being there in the depths + making me an ‘honorary’ Triplett …


… and cultivating a Tradition of being the Family Photographer:


Ash’s Graduation Announcement Photo …


Gaven’s Graduation Photo …


And Lauren Then …


and Now …


 Thank You for cleaning the Cottage + Feeding me when I needed it …

7652927878_637f14d281_kAnd Thank You for the trip to Disneyland …


… Nesting + Creating in My Magic Cottage fed my soul


I reconnected with my Faith …


… And every Fall since then I get this Visitor (no joke)


I discovered my love of Food + Photography: so much so that’s why I went back to school …


And quite fitting: I finally got my Art into an (International) Magazine: Happy that I crossed that off my Bucket List but happy to say Good Bye to the magazine in my life …

It’s been forward movement ever since.

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