With Love, 6th Avenue: Part Deux

Before I start u n p a c k i n g ( when all I want to do is plan for my Europe Trip next Month )  I had to get the last bits from the Magic Cottage + Clean + Say the final Good Byes:





Dad’s last visit was on Monday, a Man of few words, but I had to Document him saying something, as he was Instrumental in Gifting me with  a Wonder Filled Space:






Brought Sadie for the Final Good Bye …




Got my Last Fave Meal of Green Panang Curry from the Thai Place down the street where after 14 Years, they always remembers my Name!


Vlog on my Front Stoop that is a little blown out + a bit blurry but is still Heartfelt:






Good Bye Pink Room:





But most of all I will Miss the Light. The Fall Light in the Magic Cottage is the most Sublime. I am Blessed to have experienced it well into November:






Then walked around the Emptiness, one last time:




Saw Wes today after work, and as I walked up to the open door, he bellowed ‘ I am taking apart your House!’ … sob. All the Shelves were gone from my Pink Room and the Side room and all the Inside Doors were off. SO Surreal, as Yesterday it was all intact. I asked him if I could Document the Process of the Remodel, and he said yes! I feel like it’s something I need to do for more Closure and I am excited, as I used to do/enjoy Architectural Photography: Photos coming soon!

As I drove away, Wes ran out to my Truck and said, ‘ Here, you need to have this! ‘ It was a Hello Kitty pencil that I had lost ages ago, and then it hit me, this is truly Good Bye, and I cried all the way to Rogue River Drive. It will take time for me to adjust to my new/old environment …


Lastly, as the above piece has been Gifted already, I wanted to share it here. One of my Fave last pieces I made at the Magic Cottage. I fell in Love with Box Wood Canvases! Where have you been all my Creative Life? I like this size and I will be buying a bunch to make Art to take on my Trip next month!

This weekend is a Three Day one ( Thank YOU Veterans ) and my Goal is to have my Office/Inside Studio all set up, most of the inside boxes unpacked and most of my Bedroom put together. I refuse to show ya’ll what it looks like now, HA! but will post Pics of the Finished Rooms, as well as a Vlog in front of where the Big G is, and of my first walk on the River, just a few blocks from here. Little known secret, I used to be a River Rat , and I am SO looking forward to being that again!

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Home : This Post will be Published in a UK Print Magazine, early 2019!


With Love, 6th Avenue

As I sit here listening to ‘ Here Comes The Sun’ on my new Portable Record Player on a Beautiful Curtis Park Sunday Morning, I pause …

My Last Day is finally here.

Family + Friends are coming to help + pack up + take away the bulk of my bits still left. I will come over after Work the next few days to get the remaining small bits, and to finally, say Good Bye.

I have taken SO many Photos + Videos this last week, on my DSLR + iPhone, that I will have to share over the course of the next few weeks: probably on my Instagram, Stay Tuned.

I am OK at the moment.

I have had S O much L  O   V  E from my Tribe + from the Universe, through Strangers amazingly enough, that I know I am on the right Path, this Journey.

And for that, how can I not be Thank – Full?

My Final Week here in Our Magic Cottage on 6th Ave in Curtis Park in some of my Favorite Photos + Video Bits:










Scanned Instax with my Grrrl Ms. Flanagan …




A bit Crooked, but I still Love this Bit:







My Favorite Neighborhood Pizza …





Forever, Gunther’s


I will Miss these Faces:



Thank YOU Charlie Girl, for the Love …




Scanned Instax (es )




15 minutes before I walked to work the last time + the last time My Big ‘ G ‘ is at Our Magic Cottage …


Took a wee Road Trip to Our Fave Place in the Delta, because we’re still close:



Scanned Instax

And Yes it’s out of Focus, but it’s about the Content, Right 😉 :






My Fave Fish + Chips



THIS, floors me. Do you see what I see?

Scanned Instax


Favorite Neighborhood Sushi for BFF Time

And this Interview between Me ( in my new fave Red Dress, sorry a wee bit short!)  + My Sis BFF Gay, epitomizes what the Magic Cottage has meant to me. If anyone knows Me + what the last 14 Years has been like for me here, it’s her:





Photo Booth Fun




Always wanted to take a Pic in front of this Mural, Thank YOU Sis BFF!



And in front of this Sign!

Last bit of Alone Time:








Sadie’s Bed that I will be taking with me

Scanned Instax

Onwards to Rogue River Drive …


12:15p:  Sammy with his Kick Arse Parents came and took My/Their Blue Chair + My Old Bike! I LOVE that I have such Good People in my Life + that I can Gift them with things!


IMG_3533 (1)


3:33p:  Our last Jimboy’s Run together. It was our Thang, Daddy + I …



5p: I am Finally Here























See Ya 6th Avenue …

Had one of the most B E S T Parties of my Life, and surprisingly, I gave it!

It was full of people from my Current Tribe + full of Love + full of Laughter + a whole lotta Dancing!

All of you helped me Honor + Celebrate the ending of one Chapter into another, Brilliantly: Thank YOU + I will be forever, Grateful:


Crooked New Art …


Yes, I made Signs …

44694748615_4d30acf78f_k (1)

Photo Booth Ready

There was Food:


44885027434_fdf4a0c0bf_k (1).jpg

And of course, Photo Booth Fun:




I love my (still, will always be) Neighbors!

I  L O V E  my Wide Instax Camera:



Me + My Grrrl Estelle




Me + My Brotha Patrick



Me + DJ Tony!



My Favorite Lovebirds by Me

My Brotha Patrick took some Awesome Photos …

With my DSLR  (and how did my Kitchen fit all those people):




With his iPhone:





From my DSLR:



Still on a b u z z from last night, I played this  L O U D today + Danced on my Own:



And I even was Inspired to go for a walk in the park. I haven’t done that since Sadie passed away:



Of course I Vlogged with the wind blowing + leaves falling:



And will take as many photos as I can before I leave:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It was the  p e r f e c t  last Weekend: onto My Last Week Here at Our Magic Cottage …











Home …

 The idea of home is both definable and deceiving.

As I start to write this post, I sit here at the Library, wrestling with that duality, as our beloved Magic Cottage is possibly being shown to it’s new owner.

I absolutely love going to the Library. I absolutely love being at our Cottage.

Is it the structure itself or what lies within, that makes me count both as home?

Is it a place at all? Or is it a feeling that resonates deep down, when you meet a person that just, fits.

Is it something that you do that fills up those cracks that Life pitch at you?

The longer I am blessed to walk this Earth, I have come to realize that ‘ Home ‘  isn’t just one place, one person, or one thing.

It’s your Dog greeting you at the door. It’s hearing a Loved One’s voice on the other side of the line. It’s that track on that album you’ve played for the millionth time.

It’s where you find pieces of your Heart.

My formative understanding of home, is rooted in my Filipina American experience.

I carried Vinyl Lunch boxes, wore Knee Socks with my Hair Rollers, had Piano Lessons once a week, and spent weekends Ice Skating:

I had Family in (which usually meant a lot of us, a lot of parties, and way too much food)  Stockton, San Francisco, Hawai’i and even New York City:

Each and every one of these experiences, people, and places still resonates within me.

I can hear the Aunties ‘ talking stories’ in Ilocano in the kitchen, I can smell the food as they walk by on the way to the dining room. I can feel those rollers in my hair, the touch of satin from my Ice Skating Dress. I can still sink into Grandma’s strong arms lifting me up, and into the smell of the powder she used to dust her skin with. I can taste the dripping heat of the North Shore sun as I play with Princess, while at the same time, feeling the comforting softness of her muzzle.

Pieces of my Heart, all Home.

As I began to venture out into the world, Home was where ever I was:

Scan 3 copy

I found it in NYC in the Mid 1980’s, where I began my life long obsession of parading with my camera.

Scan 6 copy

I found it on the beach after a day of visiting the Ruins + Pyramid in Chichen Itza.

I always find it on this Staircase + in this Hammock and if I say I’m coming Home, the whole of O‘ahu would say, Where YOU been?

And as always, Home is the minute I put feet to ground in the UK:

8252371_b2973b7fac_b (1)


39547693191_e0aa7d3b34_k (1)

Pieces of my Heart, all Home.

I left my Childhood home ( I did have a brief year away in the City) later in life, a few months after my 30th Birthday.

In those 20 years, I have lived in three places.

A wee tiny ( t i n y ) 1930’s Cottage on V Street:


In my first foray into ( late ) Adulthood, I became a Musician’s Girlfriend, then a Band Wife, survived running a Homeless Shelter in the not yet Gentrified neighborhood of Oak Park, as well as the aftermath of the brutal Rape + Attack of my Mother In Law.

The meaning of Home during this time of my life was Independence, Refuge, and True Partnership.

My second home was a 1930’s Top Floor Apartment on 24th Street:



The entirety of my/our time on the Upper Floor was all Creative. I had left my Oak Park Job and became a Full Time Working Artist. I started a Semi Popular Blog, Self Published a Magazine, taught at the Crocker Art Museum , and got my first Art Show in London.

The meaning of Home during this chapter of my life was Art, full stop.

Which leads to my (still) current home, My Beloved 1923 Magic Cottage (more of why that is, later) on 6th Avenue in a slice of Americana that is Curtis Park : 


My Parents wanted to help us get a House to call our own, so a hunting we went. I vividly remember the Ex calling me at work saying ‘ I think I found us our piece of Heaven ‘. I remember gasping this first time I saw it in the dark, and we walked around the neighborhood feeling like we were on a Movie set.

Financial Issues + Me surviving an almost Fatal Car Accident aside, we moved into our little slice of that American Dream:


We built me a Pink Art Studio with shelves:



He built a Recording Studio:



Chelsea Wolfe  + Sister Crayon + Agent Ribbons recorded here. Not to mention maaany issues of Tape Op Magazine were made in his Studio as well.

During this time, I got my first Solo Art Show, ran an Art Gallery, taught Art within the Public Library System, and got my second London Art Show. Home was again a place of Creativity, but it was also a constant whirlwind of activity. The energy was palatable.

But then Home became something else.

It became dark, it became painful, it became something that tore me down.

I changed all that up rather quickly and made my Home a Sanctuary:




And for the next 7 years, with my Beloved Sadie Dog by my side, I began to embrace the pure bliss of being on my own and worked hard at making the house full of light, love, and inspiration:





31368600743_044dc939dc_b (2)

Visitors would inevitably comment on how the house had this intangible quality, something that they couldn’t quite put their finger on.

Magic, I call it Magic.

And then there was the Magic outside our front door. If you’ve visited me, you know.  If you’re anywhere near Sacramento, drive through Curtis Park, then you’ll know.

Pure unbridled, Americana. And just like that first fated night I fell in deep for the house, I started falling for our glorious neighborhood all over again.

Sadie + I loved discovering new things about our neighborhood on our hundreds of walks …







I miss those walks, I miss Her.




In April of this year, I lost the biggest Love of my Life.

My Heart will always be broken and quite simply, there is no Home here without Her.

Along with Her Passing and other extenuating circumstances, I decided it was time to let go of one of the singularly most important chapters of my Life.

To let go of a Home that saw me fall, a Home that saw me fly.

A Home that will always have pieces of my Heart.

And since June, I’ve been documenting and slowly saying Good Bye:







Go here for early pics of My Magic Cottage …

Go here for more Recent Pics, and check back often, as I am still Editing …

I am trying to fill up the remaining 40 Plus Days I have here with positivity: I am making Art for a possible show in November, writing my Third Issue of my Zine, and planning a Record Party to say Good Bye to 6th Avenue!

Onwards + Always Up,













Good Bye Summer …

It was the First Day of School Today, and it felt more like Fall as I walked to work this Morning.

As I sit outside, the early evening light is a muted blue and it’s the kind of breeze that leaves grab rides on.

My Summer was both brilliant and brutal, and I am far richer because of it.

The following is just a wee bit of the 2k Plus I shot the last 10 1/2 Weeks:









Back to Collage, Visual Journaling, and Zine – ing








I never wanted a Club Membership …


43116365512_20b12e2e1a_k (1)


I heart Solomon’s Deli on so many levels.


Went to the CA State Fair:



Loved on Our Magic Cottage,  Full Stop:






42179143220_7c05e61a48_o (1)


Had way too much fun with Self Portrait Photography:







Nothing beats Mother Nature:




Do you see what I see?

Scanned Instax



I get a visit every Fall …

And nothing beats taking Props + a Tripod on a Road Trip, though:


Then a Vlog ( with Sunglasses + a Crown ) on My Summer past and moving forward:



Up next, life on 24th Street …

All Love, G XXX

Transition …

I am in the midst of a major Transition.

God, The Universe, the Powers that Be, have predestined my Journey these past 8 months with so many twists and turns, you would think I was a Ride in an Amusement Park!

I am Blessed, I am Strong, and I am going to honor and document it all.

Since June 15th, I’ve taken 2,380 DSLR Pics + Video Bits, 500 iPhone Pics/Videos/Snapchat/IG Story Bits, 50 Instax, and currently making my way through rolls of B + W Film:



43344483434_d8d4680eae_k (1)



And OH the Summer Light …

As I purge, pack, and go through a Lifetime of Bits, I realize that everything in the last 20 years has led me to where I stand. And in looking back,  it also gives me comfort for what lies ahead.

I left home in 1998 to live in an 1940’s Cottage in Midtown Sacramento:



Not a good pic, but most of the V Street Cottage Pics are packed away already: more to come! 181777345_df97f2d401_oScanned B + W Polaroid

I was a Manager of a CPS Homeless Shelter in Oak Park at the time, but I will not be posting those pics! In those two years, I tried to help Reunify Families and instill them with Life Skills. It is hands down, the hardest Job I ever had.

It’s where I lived when I proposed to my Ex Husband, whilst I was away on a Medical Mission in the Philippines and it’s where we would come home after many a Gig :


 Scanned B + W Pic

Then my Ex Mum In Law was violently Raped and Attacked down the street from Us:


17336424_b765468cda_b (1).jpg


It was a High Profile Case and it tested all of us on so many levels. We will be forever connected, because of it.

Then we Eloped in 1999:



He turns 50th Birthday today and I send out Happy Vibes where ever He is …

Not long after the Wedding, we moved into a 1930’s Apartment two blocks up from the Cottage:


We had the entire upstairs + I grew that Big Tree in front.

It was in this Apartment that I began one of the biggest Adventure of my Life:

My Creative Journey …

Musings on that, coming soon! Until then, follow my Instagram for daily updates!




Halfway through 50 + Edinburgh + A Wee Bit of Dublin …

Halfway through 50, Click:



And Finally the last leg of my Birthday Trip.

After the Sublimeness of Wiltshire County and the Brilliance of Oxford we were off to Bonnie Scotland:

38922882680_a00671921a_o.pngIt would be my first proper Rail Trip across the UK and what is it about Train Trips that unlocks such Wanderlust?



And remember the Brick Lane Sign that I bought in London? No it wasn’t from a shop, it was from the Truman Brewery Vintage Market. It was an impulse buy coupled with my Vintage 1930 Red Cross Trench Coat, and I still love them both Dearly, and let me tell you, they are Well Traveled. I made quite the impression walking down my first Train Aisle trying not to hit anyone in the head with it! My first seat mate when he saw me said ‘ Stealing signs are we? ‘




This is what (tired) Happy – Ness looks like.




Oh Trolley, I felt like I was in a Harry Potter Film.




A Cuppa whilst watching the English Countryside go by:








Click Link Here if Above Video Bit Doesn’t Work!









Click Here if Above Video Bit doesn’t Work!

Pulled into Waverley Train Station and had the best Conversation in a crowded lift, ever:

My SO big backpack was sticking out of the lift, and the door wouldn’t close. I was saying  ‘ I’m Sorry !’ a million times over to all our lift mates as I pushed myself deeper into the crowd. One kind Lass said, ‘ We’re loving your Brick Lane Sign and British Red Cross Coat, so no worries!’ I was chuffed. PS She was in the British Red Cross and my coat brought back fond memories for her! THIS is why I heart Vintage.

Stayed at the Uber Cool Grassmarket Hotel: 





Around the corner is the Inspiration for Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. We didn’t get a chance to really explore it, but I will be back in Edinburgh and do a proper Harry Potter Pilgrimage.




They did this for my Birthday + gave me a free Bottle of Prosecco.




Best Shower of my Life.




When you’re out, they leave you a whole new room in a Basket.

Went to the Christmas Market …




Click Here if Above Video Bit doesn’t work!





Click Here if Above Video Bit doesn’t Work!






Scanned Instax




Scott Monument


My Fave Memory of the Christmas Market is a Mum coming up to me because she stated her Wee Son thought that I took an Instax Photo of him. I actually took one of the above Scott Monument and it was still developing in my Hand. I bent down and assured him that I took a picture of the Tower, and asked if he wanted it. He shyly smiled Yes, and with that we were all happy! Ran into them again later, and the polaroid was still developing, yes it was that cold and yes, the Wee Lad was still Happy!




Click Here if Video Bit Doesn’t Work!



After the Market, we did a bit of Holiday Card Shopping, THIS I had to buy.

Our Hotel was next door to the Irish Pub Biddy Mulligans where we had Breakkie for Three Days.



After Breakkie we made our way to the meeting point for our Tour with Rabbie’s. Only book with Rabbie’s. You won’t be Sorry. 

Whilst exploring a bit, I heard Bagpipes wafting through the cold morning air and we found these two Officers:



Click Here if Video Bit Doesn’t Work.

I asked if I could I take their picture, and they kindly obliged:




The Soldier on the right asked if I could send him copies of the pics, and of course I said Yes!


And whilst we crowded around an iPhone to take a pic, the soldier on the left grabbed me closer to him and said ‘ Sometimes you just have to be Manhandled!’ ‘

Yes, Please.

… This From Soldier Stuart after I sent the pics to him:


Still high from our Bagpipers, we boarded our tour Van with the Charismatic Steven. I took many videos of him offering up the Brilliant + Passionate Scottish History of the areas he took us through see: Flickr Set, Page 4 for  a  l  l  of the video bits.

But first, this pic I took on the way out of Edinburgh. Moving in the van and on the sly, this shot epitomizes what Traveling means to Me. Seeking out the Unexpected, the Non Tourist Moment, and looking up and about, not down at your Device ( like She is!) .


Saying that the Scottish Countryside is B  e  a  u  t  i  f  u  l  is an Understatement.  You must truly see it, feel it,  let is seep into your Bones.

Put it on your Bucket List:





Scanned Panoramic Film


Scanned B + W Ilford Film of the William Wallace Monument

See more pics of it on my Flickr Page, Click.



Click Here If Video Bit doesn’t work!

LOVE this because A Scot, A South African Couple, and an American walking in the Scottish Countryside talking about celebrating my Birthday and the Couple Celebrating their Wedding Anniversary! PS The South African Lass was also a Sagittarius ! 

On to Melrose Abbey, the place for my Third Spiritual Experience of my Trip:

It is an Etheral place, it vibrated with Spiritual Energy, and the Light, OH the Light.





Scanned Instax




Scanned Panoramic Film






Scanned B + W Ilford Film







Scanned B + W Ilford Film

As I was meandering around with my Cameras, at one point I looked up and saw a Brown Monk’s Robe. I was taken aback, but quickly and easily said to it, ‘ Thank You for letting me take Pictures! ‘ … and then it was gone.

Bloody, Brilliant.

Another Brilliant Bit was this:



The Christmas Pudding at the GreenHouse Cafe. Truly the best ‘Meal ‘ of the trip, topping the whole of my Birthday Dinner in London, it was T  H  A  T  good.




If Video Bit Doesn’t Work, Click Here.



Scanned B + W Ilford Film



Scanned B + W Ilford Film

Rosslyn Chapel, the last stop of our Tour, and my Last Spiritual Experience of my Trip.

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the Chapel, so I did a bit outside:




Scanned B + W Ilford Film





Inside the Chapel, Words Fail Me. If you read the Book or watched the Movie The Da Vinci Code , you get a taste of it, but inside, it’s bone chilling. I could go further into all the Mysteries and Theories, but I know what I felt when I was in there, Pure Spiritual Electricity.

You need to visit.

Thank YOU Steven for being a SO Brilliant Guide! You made my first visit to Scotland Memorable! Dear Rabbie’s  … You have a Star in Steven! 

In the Eve:



Found a Brilliant Photography Galley




Bought a Vintage Scottish Cap



Had Haggis for Dinner, SO Good.

The Next Day, it was really C O L D but the light was Amazing:







Edinburgh Castle:





Scanned Panoramic Film




Scanned B + W Ilford with Borders




Scanned Instax




Look who I ran into! The South African Anniversary Couple!






Click Here If Video Bit Doesn’t Work!

 And lastly, The Elephant House, The Birthplace of Harry Potter …



Scanned Instax


Off to the Last Leg of the Trip, back to Dublin:




My Well Traveled Brick Lane Sign








Click Here if Video Bit Doesn’t Work!

We only had one night in Dublin, and it started off Brilliantly.

We had the best Cabbie of the whole trip:




A Whirlwind of a Night:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Then Ha ‘ Penny Bridge:




Going Back Stateside:

It was a Memorable Trip, Brilliant in bits and filled with Lessons. I was sad to leave, but I knew I was coming back in 2018! I turned 50 in a part of the World I Loved the most, and that’s all that mattered to me.




So, my Sign:




I lost it in the Dublin Airport at one point. Some Cheeky + Galant Irish Airport Porters had it behind the Counter and teased me, ‘ Are you going to use it to club Lads back home? ‘ Apparently when I checked in at US Customs, I was ‘ Profiled ‘ because of the sign. Or was it because the Color of my skin? Needless to say, I followed a US Officer who held my Passport in his hand, to a back room and watched as my Luggage was wheeled out on a cart along with my Sign. There was nothing I could do but eat my Mince Pie as I watched the clock on the wall countdown to my Boarding Time. Finally an Officer looked at my Sign, called my Name, gave me my Passport back and said ‘ Have a Nice Trip ‘.

And back in my Hometown of Sacramento:


And it was all totally worth it!

Click Here for My Entire 50th Birthday Trip in a Flickr Set!


Currently planning that 2018 Solo Trip (the only way to Travel) in December to Redux it the way I want to. Sunday Markets in East London, check. Back to Oxford to possibly see an NDVR Filming, check. Then onto Three New Cities in Two Countries!

As My Birthday Cards says:


In Love, G XXX

Up Next: My New Creative Partner + Project!

PS For my Travel Pics over the Years go to my Professional Photography Site!






Wiltshire County + Oxford With A Side of Sacramento …

Adendum March 5, 2018: As I sit here finally ready to post more about my Birthday Trip in December, I find out that Russ Solomon passed away Yesterday watching The Oscars, probably rooting for another Brilliant Sacramentan, Greta Gerwig (more on her later). He was the Founding Father of Tower Records, a Sacramento based Company that went Global. I have always loved telling people that Tower started in my Hometown and that my first Milkshake was in the Original Tower Drugstore with my Dad. Tower ‘Block’ , for those that are from Sacto, was on Watt Avenue and included Tower Books, Records, and Video:

5807497220_8a52bc1eff_b.jpg… and after I got my Driver’s License, everyday after School, most Friday Nights, and even Saturday Afternoons, were spent trolling the Magazine Racks, sitting on the floor reading Books, flipping through Vinyl Records and Tape Cassettes, and renting Foreign Films. Tower was single handedly responsible for my Creative Aesthetic that I still have today. It was my window to this great big World, and as Greta says,  ‘ … it gave me Roots and Wings’ ! Tower holds such a Special place in my Heart, that I even tried my hand at Archiving some of his treasured Tower Bits! Watch Colin Hank’s (Another Sacramentan) Brilliant Homage to Russ,  All Things Must Pass. Thank You Colin for Rightly honoring him …


Thank YOU Russ for giving us all things Tower and for giving a fellow Sacramentan a comforting and expansive place where I discovered my Soul.

Rest gently dear Giant xxx

Back to my Post:



First, Thank YOU Dear Visitors from all over the World! I would love to hear from you, how you found Me, what you like @ my wee Blog! Drop me an e-mail: geniebalantac@gmail.com or leave me a comment!

Second, Finally saw Lady Bird ( Read this Brilliant Review from a British Newspaper!) , Greta Gerwig’s Valentine to our Hometown of Sacramento , with my BFF:


As stated earlier, last Night was the Oscars and Our Hometown was sending her SO much Love:


Tower Theater


Greta’s Alma Mater, St. Francis High School

The Film couldn’t have come at a more Auspicious time in my life. It’s inspired me to start a couple of ongoing Projects this year, a bit of my own Personal Resurrection of sorts. Just in time for Spring:


Cherry Tree outside my Office Window

And Lent:


Some Lenten Reading from The Catholic Store

Lady Bird Inspired Project #1: My Sacramento Adventures :

( Click link above for Flickr Set )


Lady Bird Inspired Project #2: Honoring My Magic Cottage:

( Click Link above for Flickr Set )


Check back periodically for Featured Posts!

Back to my 50th Birthday Trip:

After the Milestone and the Rush of London, I was Thank – Full for the Second Leg of the Trip. Booked a Tour with Rabbie’s. Planning a trip to the UK? Book with them, You will n o t be disappointed: Intimate, Personal and wide range of Locations!

Leaving London, it wasn’t Raining or Snowing, it was S u n n y for our trip to Wiltshire County:



Always ready for a bit of London History on the way to Avebury:



 We wanted to go to Stonehedge, but after talking to some Mates, Avebury seemed like a more up close + personal experience.

I feel asleep for part of the ride, woke up at a Rest Stop: WISH I had taken a pic of the Magazine Stand, oh my: the Brits love their Rags! The rest of the ride to Avebury I was wide awake for the beauty that is the English Countryside.  It was the first time to roll through it at a semi leisurely pace, and with every Meter that passed by, I fell more and more in Love.

Our Tour Guide’s Musings on Avebury:


There are no words that truly express the feeling of stepping in between the Ancient Stones, touching them, and being in their Silence.

It was Soul Soothing.




Scanned B + W Ilford Print




Scanned B + W Ilford Film




Scanned B + W Instax




Scanned B + W Ilford Film




Swept around the Village a bit:




Scanned B + W Ilford Film




Found these two Mates with matching boots …




Sat Patiently waiting for no cars to get this shot whilst happily chatting with another Photographer doing the same. Who needs to buy things at the Shop? This moment was priceless.


Scanned B + W Instax of The Red Lion

On the way to Lacock Village :


iPhone 7 Plus Panoramic

Spot the White Horse + the first of many Orbs on the trip …

The Love continued as we ventured into Lacock Village.  Lacock is composed of the Village, the Abbey (which we didn’t get to visit) , and the  Fox Talbot Museum:  We found out from our Tour guide that Lacock is the ‘Birthplace of Photography’ ( I let out a little yelp, when I heard that! ). I did N O T know that, if I did, we would have stayed the night in Lacock , most likely at the Sign of The Angel , so I could have properly done the Museum.  Had a wonder-full chat with the caretaker however, Bless her in all her lovely-ness. The Museum is on my Bucket List now.

A wonderful Gentleman did oblige me by taking an Instax in front of the Museum, which seems appropriate:


Scanned B + W Instax

Lacock Village was serene, peaceful, blissfully charming and I can see why Film Crews and people want to be there, it’s a bit of Heaven here on Earth:



SO happy,  I had to talk about it …




Tithe Barn at Manor Farm was breathtaking.




These Wellies I saw peeking out from under a car, LOVE them.




British Moss is Beautiful …




A Child’s Room amongst old Stonework.



Lovely Couple taking a Morning Walk …

( Via a long shot on my iPhone way down the road )

That will be me one day.

Then a quick trip to  Bath to mostly see The Roman Baths.





Thank YOU Rabbie’s for a Wonder-Filled Tour. I will book with you again, Full Stop!

Then it was back to London to pick up our left luggage at Victoria Train Station and to hook up with our Driver to take us to Oxford. Really, it was a feat in and of itself, but we did it! Don’t feel like taking a Train? Book with Blackberry Cars for door to door service!

But first, my Beloved Sign was finally leaving London and Traveling …


Scanned Panoramic Film

As long as I can remember, I’ve been told that I need to go to Oxford.  That I would fall in Love with the ‘ City of Dreaming Spires ‘ …




As Endeavour, a show set in Oxford, ends it’s Fifth Season on Sunday,  I recall when I first discovered it the Fall of 2011 on Netflix. I didn’t know anything about Inspector Morse , I didn’t know how beloved the (Endeavour) Morse Character was on Telly,  and in the Inspector Morse Novels as well. Thank YOU Colin Dexter for opening me up to a whole new World and facilitating my Love for Oxford …


A Red + Yellow Umbrella walking under the Bridge of Sighs …

… I fell asleep on the M40, apparently a good thing, as my Cousin said it was i c y. But when I woke up, we were magically in Oxford, on our way to Wadham College where we had a room for a couple of nights. Yes, that’s right we stayed at Uni! I wholeheartedly recommend University Rooms when in Oxford:




My Treasured Wadham College Scarf bought at the Official University Shop  ! It’s not cold enough here in Northern California to wear it this Winter, but it will come with me wherever I Travel in the UK!



Fancy a Cuppa?




Best Closet of the Trip, even a place for my Hats!



The Best Toiletries ever, that I will never use!

After we arrived, I walked around the Quad + a bit of the Campus on my own.

I was Smitten:



Cheeky Snow People


Snowy Corner

Then in the Morning we had Breakkie in the Hall.

Panoramic Views of:



The Quad + The ‘ Staircases ‘ on the way to the Hall …




The Hall, which is the largest in Oxford University …




My inner Hermione was satisfied.




SO kind Hall Staff …




Scanned Color Panoramic Film



Hall Happy in my PJ’s and no Makeup …

After Breakkie, I wanted to visit Wadham Chapel in the daytime and I’m glad we did: It was the second (bone chilling) Spiritual Experience of my Trip.

I  L O V E that there is something this Beautiful on Campus. If I was a Student, I would be here everyday:



27931841689_659e693ce5_o (1)

I was so moved I started singing Amazing Grace , and I don’t usually burst out in song, but it felt right.

I had a bit of time on my own to Explore and Document this Venerated Space:







Scanned Panoramic Fim

Looking at this again, I do see some Ghosty Type Light, and truth be told, I did not feel completely ‘ alone ‘ in my exploration …




 I lit a Candle, said a Prayer, and I left some Pounds.




Took one of these to remember this Special Place.

The visit filled me up deep and set me up for the rest of our Glorious day in Oxford.

We did a short Bus Tour:



 If Video Bit doesn’t work click this link …

Totally felt like Linda McCartney again, snapping away in the backseat:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Got off the bus and walked around a bit:




At a Shop, for those American Oxford Students …




Wish I had spent more time at The Covered Market but we were on our way to meet our Friend Tom.  But the little time I did spend there, I felt a part of something rather Special.



One of the main reasons I wanted to go to the Covered Market was because of Brown’s Cafe and it’s feature in an Endeavour Film this Season. Next visit to Oxford, I will be eating there:





And then I couldn’t resist getting a World Famous Cookie and was it sublime Noshing it in the Rain.




Toyed with buying one of these …



And Visited the Christmas Market  …

But it was the 3 1/2 Hour Walkabout in the Rainy Cold with our Friend Tom, that solidified my Newfound Love of Oxford. Tom, I will be forever Grateful.


Straight from the off,  the City’s indiscriminate beauty of Colors, Energy, and Unprecedented History, won me over and shook me at my Core. It was surprisingly tangible, inexplicable, and comforting all at the same time.

With every step, description, and moment, I fell deep for this City of Enlightenment.

It was a brilliant ramble of an Afternoon, meandering through it’s Alleys and Narrow Roads. Walking amongst the Spires, Bricks, and Stones. Shuffling through hallowed halls, being in awe of everything we saw and heard, and discovering Endeavor’s Oxford.

I have tried to the best of my abilities to aptly place the images that follow … wish I had been like Endeavor and had a notebook + pen!  If any of you, dear Readers, can help me with my memory, please give me a shout!
















I did however recognize the following places! Thank You Tom for helping me check these off my (Endeavour) Bucket List:



One. Merton College which stands in for Endeavor’s Fictional College, Lonsdale.




Two.  Formerly the University of Oxford Philosophy Centre on Merton Street :



… Filming Location of the Wessex Bank for the Endeavour Film ‘ Coda ‘ !

Can you tell I’m Chuffed? My fave Portrait of the trip!


Three. This sorry excuse for a Selfie ( I stayed away from them on the trip ) was taken at the Sheldonian Theater . It’s where Morse stumbled upon these steps after being stabbed in the stacks in ‘Fugue’ !

PS I lost this Brolly somewhere in Oxford, and I want it back!

Four.  Walking by Queen’s Lane I did a short intake of Breath:


The wall on the left is where Endeavour reflected over a Cuppa in ‘ Fugue ‘ …

I wish I had taken this shot with my DSLR or 35mm Film Camera, it’s just SO Beautiful. It’s one of my most Fave of the trip.



Five.  This infamous Staircase from the Brilliant Endeavour Pilot that lead up to The Oxford Mail. I had to touch it twice to just bring it home to me that yes, it’s real! Near the Infamous The Turf Tavern where I had a pint + chips at later in the Eve.




Six. Bodleian Library which was featured in the Endeavour Film Fugue. We walked in a bit, but all I could think of was how can I borrow books here? I know, become a Student!




Grabbed this as a Momento …







Click here if Video Bit doesn’t Load …

Seven. The Radcliffe Camera which is everywhere in Endeavour and is truly breathtaking in person. The first time I saw it, I did a sharp intake of breath, S t u n n i n g.

Then there was a bit of the Harry Potter:



…the Divinity School where the kids learned how to Ballroom Dance!




… and apparently this was the inspiration for the Star Filled Ceiling of the Dining Hall, but I don’t have the foggiest idea where this is? Help!

The weather cleared up, and Oxford at Twilight doesn’t need any Filtering:




Trinity College




Pitt Rivers Museum

We didn’t get to visit, but definitely will be on my Oxford Bucket List in 2019!




Had an end of a Walkabout Respite here …



And after a Pint at a Pub ( Tom, what was the name of it ?), talking about Orbs, My UK Art Dreams, and rightly guessing the Regional Accents of our new Mates at the next table, we said Good Bye to Tom. Thank You again for a Brilliant Afternoon.

If interested, here is my Review of Tom’s Tour …

Them we met up with Sarah for a Pub Tour and a Walkabout at Night:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Sharon is Enigmatic, Thoughtful, and a wonderfully Spirited Tour Guide. We met her at the Christmas Market for some local Gin Tasting which fortified us for the increasingly chilly, yet sublime Adventure of Oxford at night.

Our first stop was at The Eagle and Child which was quite busy, and where we ran into our new Mates from the other Pub earlier.  But what was most exciting for me was that this is where the Pilot for Endeavour was filmed and where I was introduced to the Sublimeness of The Inklings . I was so inspired by seeing the wee corner where they used to ruminate, that I have begun to read their works, starting with C.S. Lewis!

After a quick stop at The Lamb and Flag, we made our way to the third pub of our Tour. It was then, I started to become aware of the allure of the British Pub Culture. I also quickly realized, it’s a practical way to warm up! We arrived at The Bear :

IMG_1673 (1)

… which was more busy and smaller I may add, than the other Pubs, but we were determined to have another Pint! London Pride was my Lager of Choice and only a Half Pint at that. I wanted to remember things! What I remember from this pub is the TIES and the SO Lovely and Accommodating group of Mates that let us share their Table.  We talked about the cost of living in Oxford, why I need to m o v e to Oxford, and the Brilliance that is Wadham College. We left as I hugged them Good Bye, and I said this was one of the Highlights of my Birthday Trip!

We walked to our next pub, The Turf Tavern ( A favorite of the Harry Potter Tribe) but first we saw the Inspiration for Hogsmeade:



Walked under The Bridge of Sighs, again … siiiigh:



And I touched The Staircase again:



By the time we got to our last Pub, The White Horse, many an Inspector Morse Films were shot here, it was almost Arctic Cold ! My glasses + iPhone lens fogged up the minute we walked into the Wee Cozy and Quaint Boozer:



This is the only pic that came through!

Thank YOU Sarah for showing us Oxford at night and braving the Cold with us! Can’t wait to come back and have some proper Pintswith you!

If interested, here is the Review I wrote for Sarah’s Tour!

Both of our Oxford Tours were through:


I highly recommend any Tours they have to offer. Intimate, Thoughtful, and Engaging … you will not be disappointed! Say Hi to Alasdair, Tom, and Sarah for me!

The next day we prepared to check out of Wadham:



Found the Garden ….



Had an Epiphany …

Then we had our first Train Experience at the Oxford Station:



Scanned Ilford B + W Film




Scanned Ilford B + W Film




Scanned Color Panoramic Film



Our next stop? Edinburgh, Scotland!



The Milestone …


The day had finally arrived:



I had tried my best to Honor my Journey up to this day with my Living 49 Project , revisiting a Lifetime of Memories on my Instagram ( Scroll down, you’ll see the pics ), Journaling, Visual Journaling, and making Art ( perhaps I will make a Zine Issue out of all of it ).
I did feel Special because it was in a City that held a Lifetime of Memories for Me, I was Blessed to have walked this Earth for 50 Years, and I feel I had lived all the Experiences  (Bliss Filled, n o t so Bliss Filled, and everything in between) that God had gifted me with, to the  F U L L .

As I woke up to a ‘ Happy Birthday ‘ from my Cousin and a hand-full of wishes on Social Media, I got ready for my Day.

First, Breakkie in the Restaurant Downstairs:


Then took an Uber to the only Mural I wanted to take a picture in front of:

PicMonkey Collage

Shoreditch Birthday Angel …

While taking the picture in the Rain, a kind Gent walking by said ‘ Model that Photo ! and My Cousin commented, ‘ It’s her Birthday today! ‘ … He joyfully said ‘Happy Birthday! ‘ To wit I answered, ‘ I’m 50 today! ‘ He then threw back over his shoulder, ‘ Keep looking 17!’  SO touched I shouted back ‘ Thank You, Love!’ …

Perfect Birthday Moment.


We went to the  Mall near the old Olympic Stadium ( I know ) to get Snow Boots because it was Winter in the UK and I treated Myself to an Instax Camera because I needed a new one!




Bought my own Birthday Cards as well.

After finally getting a cab in the snow  + regrouping back at the Hotel, we did a bit of Touring via an Uber on the way to Westminster Abbey: 


I had been to the Abbey before, but returning as an Adult on my Birthday seemed, Appropriate:


As stated earlier, this was a Whirlwind trip. Lots of getting in + out of ubers, cabs, and trains but when I had Bliss filled moments, moments of intention and purpose, they made up for all the hurried – ness in spades.

I had about 5 of these types of Moments through out the trip and being at Westminster Abbey was the first.

We weren’t allowed to take photos in the Abbey, but I did sneek in one:


It seems like a bit of a Metaphor for the trip, for my Journey into 50 … the light at the end of the Tunnel.

From the moment I walked in, I felt an enormous sense of awe, peace, home.

I can’t adequately put it into words …

It was like closing my eyes and tilting my face towards the sun.

And then I cried.

As I lit a Candle for a Loved One, I had a bit of an Epiphany.

I was supposed to be here, at this exact Moment, on my 50th Birthday, and I will not let this Gift go, lightly …


Thank you God for 50 Years of Life.

We Toured a bit on a Bus we paid a l o t for:


Had snack before My Birthday Dinner ( Right? It was cold + we were hungry ):


Crossed Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen off my Bucket List:


Best Bit One: The Gin


Best Bit Two: The Last Course of Bone Marrow


Best Bit Three: My Handmade Chocolate

Thank You Soph for My Birthday Dinner! xx

Somewhere after Dinner, on the way to find Christmas Lights in Minus 12 Degree Weather, I bought myself some Birthday Bits:


And this happens on my Birthday sometimes, I got a bit Sad.

Maybe because I was turning 50, but mostly because Loved Ones that I thought would Call, Text, or leave a Message somewhere on Social Media, did not … and it hit me a bit hard.

I shared this with my Cousin, and she said ‘ I’m here ‘ as she grabbed my hand in comfort.

I will always Love her for that.

I cheered up considerably when we finally found Carnaby Street ( where we were the night before, we just didn’t turn the right c o r n e r ):





Click link if the above Video Bit doesn’t play!



As the above video bit states, good thing the shops were all closed or we would have had no money for the rest of the trip!

Back at the Hotel I took some more pics to honor the day:

38762154105_2344a5f2a7_oScanned B + W Instax



I called my Parents, We packed + had our last night in London.

Not nearly enough time in London, I missed going to an Art Museum, the Sunday Markets in East London, and seeing my Friends.

London will always be a magical place for me, but somehow on this trip it was different.

I will go back to explore on my own, and I can’t wait!

London will always be the place that I turned 50.

Next Blog Post: Avebury, Lacock Village, Bath and Oxford!